Project Manager

Job Description

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Project Manager to lead and manage cross-functional projects from inception to completion. The ideal candidate will possess strong organizational, communication, and leadership skills, along with a proven track record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget.

  • 2-3 years of working experience as project manager.
  • Strong understanding of formal project management methodologies.
  • Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget and timeline.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.
  • Lead the initiation and planning of a project and ensure technical feasibility.
  • Develop a detailed plan to monitor and track the progress of the project.
  • Track project costs in order to meet budget.
  • Perform risk management analysis to reduce project risks.
  • Report and escalate to upper management as and when needed.
  • Coordinating with cross-discipline team members to make sure that all parties are on track with project requirements, deadlines, and schedules.
  • Meeting with project team members to identify and resolve issues.
  • Preparing status reports by gathering, analyzing, and summarizing relevant information.
  • Facilitating change requests to ensure that all parties are informed of the impacts on schedule and budget.
  • Managing customer satisfaction within the project transition period.
  • Ensure all projects are delivered on time within the stipulated scope and budget.
  • Conducting post-project evaluation and identifying successful and unsuccessful project elements.

Salary: ₹25,000.00 – ₹30,000.00 per month

HR Manager: +91 8943356400

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